Monday, September 22, 2008

My butt is wet and saucy

Life is going along like Jose Reyes running the bases. When it gets going, it is really going, but it's just a matter of getting to first.
Please, please, please, you stupid freaking Mets. I love you, just justify that feeling.
I am exploring where I live more and move, and I've decided I need someone with whom I can talk about music. Please, if you have similar tastes to me send me a comment or something. I'm sick and tired of going "holy shit you have to listen to The Ergs!" and getting replies of "I like Kenny Chesney."

I am getting into a groove with work, which is good.

Magic is going to be interesting, as Wizards is thinking about sanctioning the pauper format for at least a little while. This could mean more exposure for my writing. That's really good, but kinda scary. I need top write more.
I wish I had a distinct humorous voice. I've been reading a ton of Brendan Kelly and Mitch Clem, and these guys have distinct funny persona on the web. I want that. I mean, I'm funny looking...does that count?

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