Thursday, February 21, 2013


My last post got me thinking about the term "fire" as it applies to competition. So often, we hear of someone catching fire (doing particularly well, seemingly on an ascent) or having the Fire (the passion, drive, and skill to win). This is normally seen as a good thing. 

But what about the consuming nature of fire?  When you play at such a high level for prolonged periods, can that drive consume you? Can the desire to win and compete at the highest level spell your doom?

The converse to having the Fire is Burning Out. I think it is subtly telling of how we view greatness in the realm of Magic by the fact we are using these words. Greatness is supposed to be fleeting, and it is the true greats, with sustained success, that transcend heat metaphors.

I wonder if we expect people to falter, to stumble, and if that adds pressure? Are there better terms we can use, or are these so ingrained into lexicon that we cannot avoid using them?

Fire is good, and yet, fire is bad.

Nothing is ever simple.

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