Sunday, February 24, 2008

I might be dying but I'm not dead yet

So this weekend happened.
But it didn't really.
As I'm driving to Eric's to get in his car and go down to Binghamton, he calls to tell me that the crew coming up from the city has been snowed off the roads and therefore would not be coming.
Jess would not be there.
Not that I was excited, but I sang loudly and talked copiously on the four hour drive down. Which, by the way, was awesome. We just rocked out and talked about old times, women and our inability to understand them, and about how awesome the weekend would be.
We get to Binghamton and the first thing out of Eric's mouth is "I fuckin' hate this place." We were home. We see Zack and Moshe right away. We catch up with Hagerbaumer and the Wongn8tor (aka Wong) and are just totally stoked to be at a concert and not have to work.
Once we get to the Events Center, it's a whirlwind of saying hi and catching up. All four production managers were in attendance, so there's an awesome picture out there. We basically bumped into Against Me! and Dave Grohl a few times; I even watched Serj from System of a Down walk in on some dude taking a leak while wearing a top hat. I never thought my college education would give me that experience.
We ate Nirchi's Pizza and were able to get back stage. I saw so many old friends and got to talk to some people about the open Late Nite coordinator position that I am applying for. I saw BSSL still alive and in capable hands (although I'm sure Moshe disagrees and would like to still be in control).
Eric and I went drinking with Wong and ended up at the Rat. No, I don't know why, because that place is a shit hole. Eric and I split from Wong and went to Pepe's for the best awful meatball subs of all time. It was vacation, so I housed on a meatball sub with nacho cheese. My body hates me still, but it was worth it for the total Binghamton experience.
he next day we were up early and on the road hopeful of hitting up the Bedouin Soundclash show in Buffalo that evening. Instead, it was sold out and we went to a bar to watch the end of the Rangers game (except I'm in Buffalo, so I had to pretend not to be happy when they beat the Sabres) where the tender was awesome and played some Flogging Molly. We then hit up another bar but by that time, I was beat. Next thing I know I'm in bed and it's Sunday morning.

I need more weekends like that.

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