Sunday, February 22, 2009

I got called old yesterday.
I was called old because I was listening to punk rock.
I was at work on a Saturday night, helping the students put on the rock show. It was a blast, although one of the bands showed up an hour early. Seriously? What kind if rock band shows up an hour early for a show? Aren't they supposed to show up late, and snort cocaine off of the penises of transvestite prostitutes? I mean, an hour early? It's a good thing they rocked (the Looking Glass Wars).
So in between sets, I set up my iPod to play some tunes and I switch on "Ruby Soho" by Rancid, and the guys from the second band, Searching for Skylines, basically go "Holy Shit, how old are you? I mean, this song is way too old for these kids to listen to!"
Fuck, listening to Rancid makes me old? I'm 25 (coincidentally, the song "25" on the latest Bomb the Music Industry! album is nothing short of fantastic.
Working at a college, things are interesting. I am constantly surrounded by people that, if I were a few years younger or in a different profession, I could easily be their friend. However, given my role, I am actually a supervisor and administrator, even if I am only three years older than some of the students.
Fuck, I am old..aren't I?
No, no I'm to old, I'm just dealing with the fact that I'm older. I mean, everyone goes through this at some point- learning how to cope with life after college (or grad school, or whatever).
You know, the media has a ton of movies and shows about life in college or the early 30's, but nothing in between. You know why? That time tends to be rather boring if you're just a cog in the machine.
Oh, I'm just complaining again. I just did not like getting called old.
Now I'm going to bed and going to watch CBS.


EDIT: Man, I was so depressed, I forgot to talk about nerd stuff. I picked up the second volume of Moon Knight, and it was pretty amazing. I mean, I am a sucker for characters who are based around vengeance (see Ghost rider). But this guy, Moon Knight, takes the cake. A former mercenary, he ends up dying, but gets resurrected by an Egyptian deity of revenge. Of course, we don't know if he actually talks to the god, of if he's just fucking nuts. Either way, it makes from some great character study.
The "god" appears to our hero in the guise of a dead nemesis, of who MK has relieved of his face. It's pretty graphic but also adds a hint of black comedy to an otherwise bleak, and character driven piece.
Unlike the other books I've picked up, this one feels like it rests squarely on the shoulders of our lead. Iron Fist has the entire history of the Iron Fist and really seems to focus on the mythology of the piece and the relationships of our main character to the world around him. Ghost Rider, well, again, with the mythology but also the internal struggle between justice and vengeance. But Moon Knight, the greatness is, we're not sure whether or not some of these characters are real or just fractured parts of MK's psyche. Coupled with amazing detailed and brutal art and pulp story telling, the entire book feels as if you are along for the ride on this mental roller coaster.

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