Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I was looking at the release date of some of my favorite albums. "Evildoers Beware!" was released in 1997; "losing Streak" in 1996. I mean, I am listening to old music, which is kinda cool.

What the hell was up with Bruce's introduction during the Super Bowl half time show? "Put down your guacamole"? I mean, it wasn't so much that he said guacamole, but rather how he said it, like he was having a painful spike ripped from his ass on the "uac" syllable. Like a duck having it's nuts squeezed---'gwACK! a mo LAY." Then he goes up at the end like he just hit puberty. I mean, Bruce is the man...but that really made me sad.

It's weird, I never used to get dressed up, but I find myself tying a tie for work more and more, which to me, is pretty cool. But it makes some people I encounter very uncomfortable, like I'm trying to steal their thunder.
Sorry, no, just trying to be dapper.

I placed 29th out of 132 at the most recent Pauper Premier Event. I am pleased with my performance, but hope to improve in the future, obviously.

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