Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm blamin' everyone else, just as long as I never put the blame on myself

I hit the pavement today looking for work. I delivered my life on paper and will now play the waiting game (for alas, I lack Hungry Hungry Hippos).
This is a strange time for me. For 6 years this is when I was going back to school and preparing for the upcoming academic year. Now, with my Master's designed to work at a college, I am sitting around looking for work.
I did not expect to be here. I know I have complained about this a ton, but hey- it's my blog, I can do that.
I was thinking, what's the big deal about a public figure's religion? I mean, seriously, what does it matter who believes in what as long as we don't go around slapping each other with stinky cheese? Sometimes people just make me angry with the fear of things different.
I wish I had more to say, but I'm battling the writer's block.

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