Saturday, March 28, 2009

Don't laugh, I'm completely serious...part 1

ACPA is here! That means I'm in DC!
That's all, update over.

Just kidding. Today was easily one of the more exhausting days I have had in a long long long long time. Let's start at the beginning, which of any good exhausting day is actually the night before.
I had work, which isn't too bad. It was just the culmination of an incredibly long and taxing week. I love my job, but sometimes you just have days that make you go "seriously?" And work did not end until 2am, in all the loud sweaty glory of a college toga party (I love my job!).
Highlight of the night: my boss (hi boss) finally understanding why I get uncomfortable at parties after witnessing too many scantily clad individuals.
So since I was going to drive myself down from Westchester to Maryland (where I'm currently sitting in bed), I thought that I'd get up at around 11:00am and lounge my way down I-95.
My body had different ideas, waking my tired ass up at 8:00am. Thanks biorhythm.
So I'm out the door at a quarter past ten and nothing of note happens, aside from me seeing another car with a Manhattanville decal down in New Jersey.
No, nothing major happens until I hit Maryland, at which point, my directions are worth precisely diddley shit. What should have been a simple 4 hour trip turns into a 7 hour opus as I somehow end up in Virginia, crying at the top of my lungs as I dial my savior, Trish, who gives me three different sets of directions to finally get me to my hotel.
And not a moment too son, as I was mere moments away from trying to find a way to pee in a discarded water bottle.
So I check in and find a place to eat, gorging on my first cheeseburger in six weeks. It was nothing special, but I tipped the guy five bucks on a ten dollar bill because it hit the spot.
Even though registration is closed, I haul my ass over to the conference site. Lo and behold, in the car ride over I find someone who has a connection to me: she knows my cousin who currently is a first year at her school, and has met my aunt. Small. Fucking. World.
I end up at the site and run into some of my old program mates from Buffalo. Of course, then I run into Dr. Pope, and it was just great. Dr. Pope is the reason I am still in this profession, and just seeing her...well it made my day. Even after that horrid trip that proves that I am a horrible navigator...the day was a sum positive.
So, here I go again, trying to be a professional and keep my youthful streak alive.
I think it's time to pass out.

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