Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't laugh, I'm completely serious...part 4

So the conference has officially begun. Yay!
I picked up enough groceries to last me for the week, all for twice as much as lunch cost me. Go me for being cost effective!
The opening ceremony was nice. The convention chair was absolutely wonderful (Jonathon Poullard)and the keynote address by Greg Mortenson was nice, but lacked the fire and passion to back up his incredibly important message regarding education. However, he did give me insight into a great maxim: "When it's dark out, you can see the stars." I like that.
The reception was great and I got to connect with a ton of people (recurring theme for the win).
The most important thing, though, was how the opening ceremony reaffirmed my love for the field. After a exhausting job search and seven months of non-stop work, I feel that I have lost my way just a tad. The speeches lit a fire under my ass, and I want to go back to work, guns a blazin', so to speak. I went into this field to help students- to make their lives at college and beyond better. Have I done that? Yes, but I can do more. Somewhere along the lines I got comfortable and let some things fall by the wayside (my attention to detail, for example). This needs to change, and hopefully, after plunging my fist into the heart of my own personal Shou-Lou, I will return more powerful in the ways of student affairs.

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