Monday, March 2, 2009

I have been working here for six months, and already I have had more snow days here than I had during my entire career at Binghamton. Speaking of snow...
There are albums that really just seem to be made for snowy cold days. Polar Bear Club's "Sometimes Things Just Disappear" is one such album. If I wasn't such a lazy bastard, I was going to put on that album and walk around the in snow. The anthems that are drenched in the despair of Western New York seem perfect for a day like today.
Instead, I was a lazy ass and took a nap on my couch. No Polar Bear Club, although I doubt they would have approved of my waling, unless of course I was drunk. Which I was not. Sorry to disappoint.
Spring Training is underway, and I for one am excited. I can't wait to start rooting for the Mets and watch them lose in the clutch again. Baseball is the ultimate nerd sport- it's all about statistics and absurd arguments. I mean, that's what nerds to for fun?
it's also the game most nerds think they can play- guess what, you are wrong nerds. Baseball seems to me to be incredibly difficult to play at any level and most people who proselytize about the game that aren't professional broadcasters probably stink at the sport. Unless, of course you don't. In which case...don't hurt me!

EDIT: This song is really doing it for me today.

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