Friday, March 27, 2009

Here we go...again

It's time for me to make my third annual trip to the ACPA Conference, this time in lovely Metro DC.
I leave tomorrow. I still have to:
*Take out money
*Fill the tank in Obi-Wan (that's the Honda folks)
*Get directions to my hotel
*Copy down important phone numbers
*See everyone I intend to see
*Save the princess
*Set up my iPod playlist for the long ride there and back
Oh, I also have work until 2:00am. Good times.
This conference is different though; for the firs time I am attending one of these shindigs as a full fledged professional and representative of an institution. I don't have to carry around that "student" tag anymore. In one sense, it is liberating, as I do not have to concern myself as much with impressing potential employers. This is a huge relief. At the same time, I am a real professional now, which means that, you know, I have to act professional (which I do...just ask my boss...who said she'd be reading this. Hi Boss!).
I'll be missing the second Pauper PE, which sucks, but thus is life.
I will be blogging from the conference, thanks to my new super awesome deluxe lap top.
Off to work.

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