Thursday, May 29, 2008

W.A.T.U. and the American Legion

So I went to a show last night. We Are The Union; a Detroit based ska-punk band that features Johnny Tsunami of the Flaming Tsunamis.
And you know what, they were pretty darn good. Definitely got a happy hardcore + High School Football Heroes vibe off of them, and it worked. Although I was very surprised by their cover of "Understatement" by New Found Glory. I half sung-along half laughed my ass off.
It was a shame there weren't more people at the show. It would have been nice to have a circle pit to skank in. As it was, I danced a little, but not enough. Oh well.

I then got home and started listening to a ton of music. Hats off to Red Scare Industries. These guys just get great bands. Every album of theirs I have just blows my mind. Here's a list of the artists:
The Falcon
Cobra Skulls
La Plebe
The Copyrights
Teenage Bottlerocket
The Methadones
The Sidekicks

Every album of theirs I have just blows me away. You should listen to this label.

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