Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Run Like Hell

Monday evening I decided to try my hand at some bars. Needless to say, it was an experience. The first bar I went to was one I frequent, but the clientele that evening was a bit older than I was used to, and made socializing hella awkward. Well, scratch that, just regular awkward, because the next bar I went to...that was hella awkward. I had heard about this bar on Craigslist and was excited because I was told it would be an Irish Pub featuring good music on the jukebox. I was expecting a hangout for the good punks of the region. Instead I got the old Irish people. I, being a spry young Jew, did not jive so well. I faked a phone call and left post haste.
The next day I actually decided to do something with myself and drove to the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, Connecticut. It is a great aquarium and a wonderful trip.
However, going to an aquarium by yourself in the early afternoon is a great way to feel like a child molester. Seriously, I felt like every one was watching me, getting ready for me to go all pervy on their wards. Hey...not cool random strangers, not cool. Maybe I was getting awkward looks because I was wearing my Bad Sandwich Chronicles T-shirt, which prominently features the face of a man with a mustache. Who knows.
After my time at the aquarium, I wandered around the town and found this nifty little burger joint where I had a decent burger, and a PBR. Mmmm, PBR. Also, this place had really really cute waitresses.
So after driving home, I did nothing until kickball. It was a hard fought game, we were down 3-0, then tied it, then down 6-3, then tied it, and won 7-6. So afterward we head to the bar, where I proceeded to drink Coor's Lite for the first time in about 6 years. Seriously...I was actually tipsy.
Oh, anyway, I shaved my beard. I get bored with them after a while and sometimes decide I need a change. This is part of my overall rebranding as a male. It's all about confidence, and I just don't like the way I've looked with a beard recently, so it had to go away.
Later dudes,

"Your face was smiling as you hit the ground
We're running out of time"
The Flatliners- Run Like Hell

Monday, July 27, 2009

American Steel Dance Party

Howdy y'all. I meant to update this thing last week, but basically, I was too damn tired. I was finishing up stuff at work in preparation for my vacation and trying to just get my shit together. What it all comes down to is that I was just a lazy boy and did not do anything.
I have been listening to the new American Steel, "Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts," just about nonstop since I picked it up last Tuesday. Holy shit this album is amazing. It is just a nonstop barrage of dance friendly punk rhythms backed up with fantastic lyrics and just gritty enough vocals. The first two tracks are rising quickly on my favorite tracks of the year, and the emotive force behind the vocals just make me smile and's one of those things you can't describe, but just feels good. End of story. Get it, however you can.
So this Saturday was my best friend's girlfriend's birthday party in Brooklyn. After a convincing text, I decided to show up, my sister in tow. You see, my, my friend, my sister, and his sister, all grew up together. So we all ended up there..and I felt out of place. First, knowing your little sister is getting hit on is awkward enough, but then not getting hit on yourself...ego killer.
Also, it was a hipster party, so I felt very out of place. Everyone was just taking random pictures and trying to be clever and ironic, and it was just...awkward. No other word, but awkward. I mean, at one point "Groove is in the Heart" (I only know that song because of my pre-teen obsession with Pop Up Video) came on the stereo...and people were dancing. I'm not sure if it was like, ironic dancing or not, but it creeped me out. Seriously.
And props to my best friend for trying to be a good wingman, telling everyone I had the best job in the world. It did not work, however, more due to my lack of confidence than anything else. Enough self effacing, however.
Friday, before the party, I went gaming at H2H and won the FNM, netting myself four packs and rounded out some draft sets. Also, added to the team, which is a good thing.
Finally, driving back from Brooklyn, I saw a cheesecake delivery truck that featured a young child laying naked on a bearskin rug. WTF...that does not make me think of cheesecake. If it did make me think of cheesecake, I'd have some serious fucking issues.
Later dudes,

Sunday, July 26, 2009

AmSteel Dance Party Preview

I really want to post an entry, but I'm too fucking tired. Expect something soon.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Boom goes the dynamite

So Big D and the Kids Table released a new album last week, "Fluent in Stroll." I've grown up with this band, more or less, for the past eight years. They were the last band I saw before leaving home for college and have seen them a handful of times since, including one time sharing a beer with the lead singer. I have grown to love their blend of soulful ska and aggressive punk. Their albums always struck me as an interesting balance between the two, but their last effort, "Strictly Rude," struck me as a far more mature and groove based record. The snarling punk licks were still there, but there were far more dance numbers and lyrically driven rhythmic songs focused on intertwining vocal and horn lines. Even so, the ethos and chugging style of punk still existed on the record.
That driving force is hidden so well on FiS, that it might as well be gone.
And the record is phenomenal.
This record takes that ska sound and blends it with blues, rock, and soul, and creates something which is incredibly easy on the ears, yet has a depth of sound that was only hinted at before. Fans wanted them to go in the direction of "LAX"- the band chose "Chicago." Dave McWane has learned how to meld his distinct vocals with the band and wind the two together so that they compliment each other, as they did on "The One" from "Strictly Rude."
The backup singers add another layer to this record, which is already deceptively complex. Of course, this is coming from the perspective of a dedicated punk rock enthusiast, so anything more complex than a 1-5-6-4 major scale progression is going to knock my socks clean off.
That is not to say the record does not have some shortcomings. Sometimes the lead vocals get a bit too jokey, and you really want another lick here or there in certain songs. The Euro accent lady becomes slightly grating after a while, but is tolerable. Also, the record is missing one balls out rocker, and rather focuses on nice, easy danceable rhythms. I would have liked a mosher, but I'll setle for now.
But I think that this record has a lot to offer. The lyrics are simple, yet poignant and smart, the musicianship and orchestration is better than anything Big D has done before, and shows a growth in a direction I was not expecting. On top of everything else, it is an incredibly fun listen that I can see enjoying as I sit on a porch with friends, knocking back whiskey and beer.
Later dudes,

"Daylight's for recover
Walking home's a misery"
Big D and the Kids Table - A Kiss A Week

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Up and down the river

What a weekend! But I'll get to that in a second.
I just noticed I had 20 posts in June. I think that's pretty cool. Looks like I'm getting back into a groove...maybe...probably not...I like ellipses.
But yeah, the weekend. Well, it started with a day off on Friday. I took myself to lunch at Applebee's and thought the waitress was flirting with me, thanks to the fact she had an Autobot watch. Yeah, I can't read women for the life of me, but it was a nice lunch. I then went to Barnes and Noble and lo and behold, they had the new paperbacks of Iron Fist and Moon Knight. This was total joy, as I devoured those books in enough time to pack and pick up my friend from the train station. Let me tell you, I still love these arcs and I cannot wait for them to put out the next batch in paperbacks. There's something about a wise-cracking martial artist who fights against the forces of mythology and a schizophrenic man who wants to be a hero and control his murderous impulses...well...just joy.
So I picked up my friend from the train station and we drove the two hours to the campsite. It was fine, except for the pouring rain for about forty minutes, and well, was not exactly a fun drive.
Of course, the conversation was also pretty bad. We both play Magic, but he's very much a first level thinker, and very much set in his rut and thought process, so talking with him was like smacking my nuts in a drawer. Other conversations I had with this friend over the weekend:
1) Why he felt dog fighting should be legal. He believes that some dogs really want to fight and should be allowed to do so. Even if they have been bred and taught and drugged to fight, they still "want to" willingly.
2) Why he felt there was too much aid for attending college. Considering my line of work, I actually told him he had his head up his ass right before dropping him off for his train ride home.
Back to camping. It was awesome. Sure, the first hour was soaking wet and I barely slept in my tent, but it was so relaxing. I had a few beers, got fucked up, and just generally enjoyed sleeping out in nature.
The next day, well, was interesting. I had a bad reaction to something and ended up throwing up about 40 minutes into rafting. Speaking of that, we got started incredibly late, which turned into a positive since one of our friends got a late start and ended up showing up right as we were getting ready to get on the river.
We went down the river incredibly quickly, so fast that we actually got there earlier than we had in any year, and left later than ever before.
Of course, some of us drove back to camp to go out to dinner, but I didn't realize how tired and hungry I had become. By the time our dinner came, I was so hungry everything I ate made me feel like I was going to throw up. I drove back, barely able to keep my eyes open, and by the time I saw a hotel to crash I was ten miles from home. I got here and just crashed, and about halfway through Sunday finally felt back to normal. Now I'm in bed, getting ready to pass out and face the week.
All in all, a good weekend, I just wish I had not gotten sick so I could have enjoyed the rafting a little bit more.
Also, I would have liked to have worn a touch more sunblock, as I'm tender in a few spots, but nothing major.
Well, I think that's all for now. Later dudes,

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crappy movies for the win

So as I write this, I'm sitting in bed catching the end of the first Transporter movie. Since my DVD player went kaput, I haven't indulged my love of all things Jason Statham in quite some time, and watching it on tv is quite nice. Statham just kicks ass in this move, and there is no second guessing him. I mean, he uses his legs to throw a guy out of a moving truck, while he's hanging off the roof. Total kick ass.
Work has been good recently. I have spent a significant amount of time cleaning my office and making my workspace more conducive to the work I want to be doing. This is a big plus, as the year is about to kick into gear and I want to have some good flow.
So, nerds and girls. the ultimate dilemma. Right now I'm dealing with two very different nerd-female relations issues.
First, is the former crush. This is when the nerd still talks to someone he/she had a crush on, normally because of stuff going on in the ex-crushes life. You see, the nerd usually has little to complain about (well, little of consequence to complain about anyway) and so when the ex-crush (or ex-partner, or whatever) lays on the sob story, the nerd can't help by listen, no matter what the feelings may be.
Now, this is done for two reasons. Sometimes, the nerd just genuinely feels bad, but most of the time, it's for schadenfreude. The nerd takes sick joy in seeing those who scorned him/her (real or imagined) have issues with aspects of life. This was the case whenever I would speak to my ex. Her life seemed to be stagnating, whereas mine was going up. This made me smile, as dick as that may be.
The other nerd to female relations issue I am dealing with currently is trying to analyze my situation. As I have written, I've been single (without a serious girlfriend) for nearly three years. After recently having a string of unsuccessful (read: no second) dates and getting stood up, I've done what every nerd does: analyze the situation. I have been trying to figure out what I am doing wrong so I can correct the "mistake" and just move forward in social life issues. Fact is, there's a good chance I am doing nothing wrong and I just need to be patient. Of course, this is logical, and nerds are only logical when it comes to things that do not matter, like why Optimus Prime could kick He-Man's ass.
1) Laser sword
2) Matrix of Leadership
3) Optimus isn't wearing a banana hammock

See what I mean?
Later dudes,

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One Day I'll Never

Ugh, this was supposed to be my return to form with mentions of delicious food and a review of the new Big D and the Kids Table (it's awesome).
Instead, I have a headache and will be passing out shortly, but I wanted to talk about the kickball game we had tonight. We won (finally) after establishing a strategy that seemed to work against us last week. Basically, you bunt the ball as best as you can and run your ass down to first base and let your big guns knock in runs with bombs.
I went 2 for 4 with 2 runs scored and an RBI today. Big win for me.
We won 16-4. I am stoked for next week.
I feel much better than last week, seeing as how I was in a funky anyway, and got back on the right track today.
Totally excited for camping and rafting this weekend. I cannot wait for the annual adventure. I'm bringing the PBR, and it's awesome, no matter what my friends say.

Also, you should listen to the Cobra Skulls. They are the the real deal.

"One day I'll be able to live for today
And I won't be affected by the shit they say
But if I never get there
I don't care if I never get there."
Cobra Skulls - One Day I'll Never

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Someday I Suppose

What a fucking week. Let's take it one step at a time:
1) My car decided to die while the boss and I were out at lunch. I took it in, got some stuff done, but it was still have problems starting. This means that I have to take it in again to have, potentially, more work done which could make the costs rise into the thousand dollar mark. Oh yeah, that would totally suck. However, I need Obi-Wan to be in tip-top shape, and it's not like I'm broke, so that's a good thing.
2) Rafting is next week, preceded by camping. I am very excited . I just hope I don't make an ass out of myself this time, but I probably will...multiple times.
3) I tried a new recipe this evening- Chorizo Latkes. If i didn't burn them, they would have been awesome. Next time.
4) I got stood up on a date. I am going to take some time to vent and explore. Ever since I was dumped, I've been having problems connecting with women and haven't really liked anyone since I was dumped. Instead, I have brief infatuations that inevitably end, almost always by my hand. It's not that they are bad people, but I just stop being interested. These past three dates have gone to show that I can go on dates with nice women, and may want a second date, but one is convinced I gave her the flu, the other is looking for marriage, and the third, well, stood me up.
I don't even remember where I was going, but basically I'm just trying to find my way in the world, and hope to one day, just find someone.
Sometimes I wish I had more money so I could afford therapy and talk to someone about this, but despite what my family thinks, I can't really afford it right now.
Oh lord, I'm whining again. Sorry, I guess I just had one of those weeks. Sorry to dump this on you.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Feeling gross.
Nasty cold.
Lost kickball 10-0.
This cold is kicking my ass.
New Big D is pretty fucking rad.
Mu body hurts.
Need to become a better writer.
Need to let go of some things I hold on to in Magic to become better.
New Cobra Skulls is sweet.
I need to recharge.
Later dudes,

Saturday, July 4, 2009

And what if I get lost?

Welcome to post number 200! Are you as excited as I am? I'm very excited I need to change my shorts.
So last night was a whirlwind evening. It started with a drive down to Brooklyn to make camp at my parent's place. Whenever I have to spend some seriously time in Brooklyn, I make camp in the guest room/sister's closet/sister's old room for the duration. Since I had a date yesterday and one today in the Kings County, I decided to pack a bag for the weekend and move home for thirty six hours.
Oh yes, the date. Well, it was not the worst date I have ever had, but far from the best. When the subject of marriage comes up, on her end, well, it was not a good sign. She asked what I wanted out of relationship and I was honest, said looking for something serious that may develop, but not looking for that terminal relationship right now.
She, on the other hand, wants her next relationship to end in marriage.
She also came across as highly competitive and is a perfectionist. My problem with that is that it goes against my ethos of learning from mistakes.
Well, it ended, and I am not certain if I'm going to call her again.
Regardless, last night the Andrea Doria played in Manhattan and were awesome. I feel bad for these guys, as they have some serious ability and stage presence and are awesome guys, and it sucks that they played to three people, including myself. But seriously, check them out: . They are doing a cross country tour and are good their merch.
Okay, that's all for now. I have another date lined up for a little bit and I need to get ready.
Happy 4th, later dudes

"I know you want a lover for the rest of your life
But man, this woman her intentions ain't right"
Big D and the Kids Table- The One

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Some say it's a blackhole

So, I guess it's time for a real update.
I'm finally totally out from under my family. I switched over my cell phone plan today and now am totally self sufficient, money wise. It is definitely a weird feeling. I mean, yes, I've been on my own since September, but this is it. It's a weird and liberating feeling.
I now have a Blackberry, and while cool, it is going to take some getting used to. I mean, I like it and all, but I feel like I just upgraded phones, rather than got a personal pocket computer. Time will tell.
So, the Mets. I mean, I love them, but I really cannot get a read on this team. Are they the scrappy never say die underdogs or the injury plagued fill ins waiting for the stars to align? Every day it's a different team and I just do not know. Trying to figure this team out is almost as frustrating as watching them play.

I still love them.

Mark's band, The Andrea Doria, are playing in the city tomorrow, and this just happens to coincide with Mark's birthday. This means drinking, and quite a bit of it. I am excited. I like the guys in the band and they have crashed at my place a few times.

More news: I have some dates lined up. Ever since I changed my jDate photo to something more mature and clean cut, I find the ladies slightly more receptive to me. Holler. So yeah, I have some dates lined up, and I am sure to let everyone who reads this know how they end up.
I hope it does not make me a scum bag for having first dates with a few different people in a row. I don't think so, since I'm just trying to feel my way around the dating scene. I guess I'm making up for lost time.
Later dudes,

"Day to day, night to night, that's how we live and we're alright
Time's better lived in shorter lengths of time, paycheck to dollar night"
The Copyrights- Kids of the Blackhole

Interesting fact

I found this out at kickball: If you are ever in Parump, Nevada, the best place to get a burger is the local whorehouse.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Riding on a dolphin, doing flips

So Orientation is over. I love my job. I was driving around in my golf cart all weekend just awed at how much fun I was having. Of course after it was all said and done I crashed hard. I took Tuesday off and saw the Hangover and got a haircut. Kickball was supposed to start, but got rained out. I still got to meet my team and have a beer, so it was all good. I am looking forward to playing in the future.

Interesting moment is finding your student's youtube station, and being horrified.

This weekend should prove interesting. I have a couple of dates lined up, finally getting to play the field a little bit. I'm not trying to whore it up or anything, but rather just taking advantage of the ability to see multiple people and not spread VD around.

I'm honestly still wiped from this past weekend. I'll write more another time.
Later dudes,