Monday, August 25, 2008

I'm blamin' everyone else, just as long as I never put the blame on myself

I hit the pavement today looking for work. I delivered my life on paper and will now play the waiting game (for alas, I lack Hungry Hungry Hippos).
This is a strange time for me. For 6 years this is when I was going back to school and preparing for the upcoming academic year. Now, with my Master's designed to work at a college, I am sitting around looking for work.
I did not expect to be here. I know I have complained about this a ton, but hey- it's my blog, I can do that.
I was thinking, what's the big deal about a public figure's religion? I mean, seriously, what does it matter who believes in what as long as we don't go around slapping each other with stinky cheese? Sometimes people just make me angry with the fear of things different.
I wish I had more to say, but I'm battling the writer's block.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rum is for pirates

The title comes from my new required reading- the bad sandwich chronicles. This blog is written by all around dude Brendan Kelly. He sings in bands, plays the bass, and is a funny ass writer. Check it out, the link is somewhere on this page.
My most recent interview went well, but like all things recently, I'm going to have to wait patiently to hear back.
I am finding it really hard to write still. This total lack of anything in my days makes for a very boring life. Today I walked around Brooklyn looking for places to go drink later with friends. So, if you're out there reading this and want to do some bar crawlin' hit me up- I've got time on my hands.
It's a shame really-I'm looking for that bar. You know, the one that just feels right. The one that has albums you actually want to drink to in the jukebox, the teams you want to watch on the screen, the beer you want to drink and the women who will be attracted to you. You know, like that absurd Miller Lite Beer Heaven commercial, only with decent beer, better lighting, and Teenage Bottlerocket playing in the background. Man, that place would be awesome...
Speaking of lies on TV, I am just sick of the news. I'm not hearing any important stories, just different opinions and stories designed to try and make me feel better about the human spirit. I mean, heaven forbid the news ceases to care about ratings and starts to care again about providing information.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Seriously awesome link right here.
Live Gaslight Anthem set. Totally rad.


These bug bites are terrible. As soon as one subsides, another rises up to take its rightful place as most annoying thing ever.

Monday, August 18, 2008

We had the greatest expectations

I want to write more. I just haven't had the ego to do so.
You see, I heard from The Ferrett that writing is the greatest expression of one's own ego. I don't think he was the one who came up with the statement, but he's the source I got so I'm citing him. And the fact of the matter is, I haven't had that much ego in the past few months. Giving two years of your life to a pursuit to see no payoff is enough to put the kibosh on any individual's self-worth.
But I'm clawing my way back up the self-esteem ladder. I've been active (though not as active as I'd like to be). I'm writing about Magic and enjoying music again. And it's fun to write that.
You see, for some reason, the music I listen to and the hobbies I involve myself in seem to make other people chuckle or laugh. Well, screw off people, I like this music and I love playing Magic. And also- why the fuck do you care so much that I enjoy these things? Do you have some sort of sinister plan to invade my brain and take over my body? If're a freak.
I went rafting with the Firing Squad on Saturday. It was a blast and I didn't get a horrific sunburn this time around. You know, the kind that makes you feel like you will never want to be touched again and when it's all done you leave a cicada husk behind in your bed. Nope, just a mild pink on the backs of my arms.
Hanging out with old friends is rough. No matter how much everyone changes and matures, the group still remembers the other ones as the same kid that was awkward growing up. It's nice to grow up, but sometimes i wish these groups would let me- although this time around wasn't so bad. Aside from my lampooned haircut the ribbing was all good natured.
I've also had the opportunity to reconnect with an old friend. He teased me growing up, but we've moved past that. it's great to have mature conversations with people you've know for years. It just makes certain days so much better.
I got to meet Dougherty's girlfriend Hannah. I totally approve (and I know they read this). Dan's been awesome forever and Hannah is a totally awesome woman.
Also, Star Wars Lego key-chains are tech.

Monday, August 11, 2008


I did not expect to be here.
A few hours ago I redid my bartending resume and will hit the streets tomorrow looking for work.
I love bartending. It brings in some money and I really enjoy the atmosphere of aura that comes with the job. All that being said, I don't want to do this.
I just invested two years of my life- all that hard work and sacrifice- in a master's degree. I had to put up with some of the hardest times of my life and I came out better for the wear. I was told I'd go far, and I believed the hype.
I know I'm complaining, but it is my blog, so I'll do what I want.
It isn't that bad- I'm alive and have a place to live. I'm not broke and I'm in good health. What sucks is that I've been the finalist for 7 jobs, and haven't converted one yet. If I were a pitcher, I would have been bumped down to double A by now.
But like I said, I do love bartending. Good money, good times.