Friday, June 6, 2008

My Entire Team Sucks

You read this so often in NYC high school bathroom stalls. The joke is that it's the acronym for my beloved Mets, written by the then cocky Yankee fans.
The Mets are going through a rough season so far, but look to be coming out of the funk (despite the plunk you/we lose events of last night). I'm happy about this because it saves Willie Randolph, who is doing, in my estimation, a pretty good job. I think a lot of the hoop-lah surrounding Willie the past few weeks is something I'll call Yankee envy. The Mets were good for two years- arguably better than the Yankees during that span. As such, all us insecure Mets fans (because every Mets fan is, on some level, insecure because of the Yankees) felt it was our turn to act like the assholes and demand things change.

That's not our way- less Yankees, more Rays! Let's go Mets!

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