Saturday, April 16, 2011

Teenage Bottlerocket "Mutilate Me"

First things first: I love this band. To me, this band is what pop-punk should be- quick paced, tightly played, catchy hooks, and vocals that are just off enough to make you love them. I saw TBR once at Club Europa in Brooklyn, and they blew me away. They had an hour set and just did not stop playing. Everything about them screamed energy and fun.

They make me want to play in a band. I'm sure you know that feeling.

Anyway, earlier today I got a hold of TBR's new single "Mutilate Me" and quickly tweeted (look how up on shit this guy is) that this song was probably the best pop-punk song of the decade.
Everything I said about the band applies here. The song is just long enough, punchy and catchy with incredibly tight instrumentation that doesn't break the genre in half but rather pays an amazing homage to the history of pop-punk. The vocals aren't going to win any awards (in the public arena, at least) but the slightly nasal tones just compliment the lyrics so damn well. The song, about S&M, is so damn catchy. I have found myself rewinding it (read clicking back on my iPod) over and over just to sing along with the chorus "I want you to dominate me/I want you to violate me/I want you to, then for what it's worth/ I want you to pretend you hate me."
Unlike other songs on this subject I've heard, this one actually makes the process sound enjoyable and again, it has the hook. The chugging guitars provide a sexual rhythm that works well with the song and well, just listen for yourself.

I cannot wait to see them live again. Pick this single up, like, yesterday.

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