Sunday, July 7, 2013

Self Promotion

This week, I made myself a Facebook fan page. I'm using it to be a hub of all my Magic musings. I publish my articles twice a month and do not really have the time/energy/content to produce more than that, at least at a quality that would please me. The fan page allows me to discuss Magic as the game continues around me without having to subject my non-Magic friends to my ramblings. I want to page to be a source of information for the Pauper community. I think I'm off to a good start.
I wish my motivations for starting the page were all altruistic. No dice. There are other pundits in the community with whom I disagree. This is fine - discord breeds discussion. However, the thing that rubbed me the wrong way was just how dismissive these people were of newcomers and how protective they are of their individual ideas. This is not the way I feel community should be built. While I understand the hassle of answering the same question over and over again, it's only old for the person answering it. Telling a petitioner "google me for the answer" is no way to endear oneself. I know I link people to my articles and  previous writings, as much for hits as to expose them to the pieces themselves, but I can't help but fell that what I am doing is a little more personal.
Yet here I am with a fan page borne out of conflict. I should have done something like this before, to make myself available in the way the world works today. Instead, I had to wait to get angry at someone else.
And that still doesn't sit right with me.

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