Sunday, October 19, 2008

I was working for the weekend, but I got fired.

I feel like I wasted this weekend. I mean, it started off great. I got second place in Classic PDC and my parents came up for some exploring. But then I got some awful stomach cramps and ended up staying in bed for four hours farting up a storm. This is what happens- I get gassy and cramps, so I have to lay down and fart.
So I was woken up by the Breast Cancer Walk this morning and couldn't fall back asleep. I'm all for good causes, but do they have to happen right outside my window? And then I was confined to my apartment since the roads by me were all blocked. This ate up a good chunk of my day since I had to wait to go grocery shopping, and being the stubborn ass I am, I couldn't do anything else until after I had finished my shopping. But I bought steak, so I made steak. It was good steak, but a bit tough. I enjoy cooking and ate well, and now I have sandwich meat for the week. I heart leftovers. Actually, I don't. I would much rather have people over to eat my food. Any takers? I make delicious vittles.
Tonight there's a ton of good TV. A new Futurama movie, a new Family guy, and game 7 of rays-Red Sox. I am going to be doing a ton of flipping back and forth, but hopefully I'll get all the laughs and excitement that should be coming my way. Although I would much rather be out partying it up with woman and making questionable decisions about orifices, I'll settle for some good old fashion television.
Futurama is one damn funny show. It just hits all the right notes and makes me feel good all over, kind of like Gold Bond. It might just make me skip the other greatness.
Is this what the weekend is? Wasted time and regrets? I mean, I tried to do things, but the weekend just got away from me. I need to start doing stuff week nights as well.
You ever get an album and just listen to it over and over and over? I got a copy of Cuban Ballerina by Dead to Me and have not been able to stop listening. It is catchy and upbeat with great lyrics and fantastic hooks. It is a wonderful blend of pop-punk and hardcore that just makes me want to dance. I know what you're thinking- he can't dance. That's how good this album is- it makes me want to make a bigger ass out of himself than usual. I mean, I could imagine rocking out to this album, or playing it in Obi-Wan while I floor it, or during other things. You know those things. Oh what things I would do while listening to this album.


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