Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Shuffle Songs (from facebook) [OMGWTFBBQ]

Still recovering from this cold:

1. "Do No Wrong" - The Planet Smashers: I have a lot of simple laid back ska in my library for those times when I want to just attempt to relax. This song lands on the simplistic side and I have it more or less to keep the album complete. The rest of the album is more enjoyable to me. My roommate Junior year liked this band, but he put his head through my wall- what a tool.
2. "Steamer Trunk" -Alkaline Trio: A band I consistently enjoy, even if they were ruined for me for a little while by non-music related things in my life. The one time I saw them live at Warped Tour, the sound was miserable and ruined the experience.
3. "Dog"- Lemuria: I am so pissed at myself for not getting into this band earlier. They're from Buffalo, where I spent two years of my life. If I had known there were Lemuria shows going on, I totally would have had a better time that first year under a boss who just did not understand.
4. "Over the Eggshells"- The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: A band I passed up to see on multiple occasions, only to regret those moments later. This is a band I love more each time I listen to thier music.
5. "Run Rudy Run"- The Toasters: I never have seen a full set from The Toasters. When my friend opened for them I got to watch them play"Weekend in L.A." during sound check, and it blew my mind.
6. "Two Left Feet"- The Copyrights: A band i have to see live. I first heard "Make Sound" two years ago and have not been able to get my fill of this band since. No matter how simple or repetitive their pop-punk gets, it never tires on me.
7. "P.M.R.C"- The Fad: I saw this band for five dollars at Binghamton. They were amazing live and I later picked up their full length. They just broke up, which was a shame because they did the entire punk rock thing right.
8. "Rathead"- Teenage Bottlerocket: These guys just make music fun. It's not complicated or elitist- it's the Ramones for a modern generation, only without the revolutionary impact.
9. "Hungry Like the Wold"- Reel Big Fish: Man, what happened to these guy? They have put out some of my favorite songs and albums of my formative years, but everything is the same. They have such incredible talent, but it's all starting to blend together. Come on guys, show me something good!
10. "Dead and Gone"- American Steel: This song was once part of an epic event: three songs in a row played on my iPod while on shuffle, all titled "Dead and Gone," and by different artists! Another band I should have been listening to long before I began.
11. "Murderous"- I am the Avalanche: The Movielife defined the end of my high school life and the start of my college career musically. I remember being devastated when they broke up. I came into possession of this album a few years ago, and although I rarely listen to it straight through, I always appreciate the music.
12. "Answers"- The Ataris: My friend once swore this band was called "A-TAUR-US," no knowing about the video game system.
13."Sunshine Highway"- Dropkick Murphys: Nope, no story for this one.
14. "Call in Sick"- MxPx: I don't know why I keep getting their stuff. These guys helped me get into punk, but everything for the past ten years has just been a disappointment to me. This is on one of those albums.
15. "Dead Girlfriends Can't Break Up With You"- The Flaming Tsunamis: The perfect song for when you're violently pissed off or just want to laugh your ass off.
16. "I Want To Conquer the World"- Bad Religion: I love this band, but only for short spurts. Now is not one of those times.
17. "Strawberry"- Everclear: For a long time I loved Everclear. I had all their albums, before UPS lost my CD collection. Before that though, I saw them live at Binghamton, and the lead singer called all the moms in the audience on stage to sing some song with him. It kinda ruined the band for me.
18. "Summer Wind Was Always Our Song"- The Ataris: I keep stuff like this on my playlist for when I'm feeling depressed. I don;'t know why- it just makes me feel like a teenager all over again, which is not a good thing.
19. "Cavalier Eternal"- Against Me!: What an amazing song. Simple, punchy, and to the point. It has a danceable rhythm and a catchy hook. Tom Gabel's voice still sounds so smooth here.
20. "Head Count"- The Copyrights: I love running to this album. "Make Sound" really cheered me up in Summer 2007.
21. "Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts"- Less Than Jake: The song that got me to love this band, and I'm glad it happened. I am happy their latest release did not suck, and look forward to enjoying them as long as they are out on tour. I have far too many great stories tied to this music, but I'll go back to when I was in a band and we played this song, and it always got people dancing, no matter how bad we were.
22. "Nothin'"- Reel Big Fish: I can remember the exact moment I rediscovered this song. I was waiting outside my sister's high school graduation and this came on my iPod. I must have listened to it ten times in a row, causing my iPod to freeze. I quickly learned how to reset my iPod.
23. "Seventy Times 7"- Brand New: Nothing screams my first year of college like this album. Hanging out with Long Island kids and trying to understand the opposite sex. I as a real winner back then.
24. "The Inefficiency of Emotion"- Grade: A great song that is kind ruined for me by the hurling of a couple of slurs during the outro.
25. "Absentee"- Banner Pilot: Amazing band. If you like punk rock and are not listening to them, you are doing something wrong. I am upset it took me this long to catch on.

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