Sunday, March 29, 2009

Don't laugh, I'm completely serious...Part 2

I'm wide awake- it's morning.
Okay, half of that sentence is a lie. I discovered the joys of being on call last night as I am woken from my peaceful and much needed slumber by a call from campus. Nothing major, but still took me a while to get back to sleep.
Breakfast was awesome. The food stunk, but I managed to meet two more people from the conference, which is just really cool.
The food...well, it's a hotel continental breakfast.
Now it's time to shower and get over to the conference site for a sold stretch of time.
A quick shout out to all of my friends following my misadventures over the internet:
Hi Boss!
Hi Trish!
Hi Dan- you called me by accident at 10:45 last night!


ScroogeMcDan said...

That was no accident! That was the tradition of calling someone from a concert and holding your cellphone in the air. Did you not hear the magic that is Les Claypool?

AlexCanteen said...

Dude, I was asleep when you called and gave my phone a quizzical "WTF" look before hanging up and passing the hell out.

ScroogeMcDan said...

Haha It's all good. Yeah, it sounded like you had a pretty rough day on Saturday.