Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Don't laugh, I'm completely serious...part 6

So you might be asking yourself- "Hey, why is this guy posting at 7:00am?"
I, on the other hand, am asking myself- "Hey, why are you up so damn early? You went to the Big Gay Dance last night!"
You see, ACPA has these socials on Monday night, and that last one is the Standing Committee for LGBTQ Affairs social. A number of years back, Allies started attending en masse and it got the tag line The Big Gay Dance.
It is big, and it is a dance, and yes, I suppose it is gay.
It was, however, an absolute blast, as is evidenced by the fact that I actually danced...a lot. I don't dance- I actually fear it in my day to day life since I have the rhythm a broken squiggle pen. However, just as ACPA allows our LGBTQ brethren to be who they really are without fear at these conferences, it allows people like me to make total fools out of themselves while cutting loose.
Of course, I want to go to sessions today, so that meant getting back at 1:40am for a 2:00am pass out has left me a bit tired now. But hey, it is definitely worth it.

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