Saturday, August 11, 2012


Writing is hard.
I have a folder full of half-finished articles to attest to this. It isn't because I don't have time- it's because I lose the drive. I get distracted. 
Look at the shiny car!
My brain does not work in a linear fashion- scatterbrained would be an apt description. I could easily find a link between bacon and just about anything through leaps and bounds of logic and connected ideas floating through my gray matter. This gets in the way.
Sometimes, in groups of friends, I will drop out of the conversation and continue it in my mind, going to a drastically different end point that those who stayed in the loop. Hilarity ensues when I rejoin the conversation talking about Burn Notice while they're discussing where to grab a drink.
With writing, I half ideas whizzing through my brain, and I'll start. I will work and get about halfway done with a piece...and then life will get in the way. The file will stay open, mocking me on my desk top, eventually discarded to the "almost" pile as another newer, and obviously better(!) idea for an article presents itself. 
This would not be a problem, except I forget the accumulated almosts. I leave them to gather digital dust, and rarely revisit. Google Drive has made this easier, since I can carry my entire collection of works-in-progress with me to any computer...but there's always that new shiny car catching my eye.
My own fault, I just have to focus. I have to remember the feeling of finishing something, because nothing feels so nice. 

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