Friday, September 13, 2013


Many of you reading this read my blog for the first time this morning. I posted my interaction with someone who had different opinions than I did. I posted it because I was angry.
In hindsight, I posted it for the wrong reasons and I am not sure I should have put it up for mass consumption at all.

I am Jewish - I do not hide this fact. I barely go to Shul. I was Bar Mitzvahed. I have family dinners on the holidays where there's butter next to the brisket. I try to fast on Yom Kippur and I pray occasionally, even though I scientifically doubt the existence of a supreme being.

The Holocaust is very real to me. I am lucky - none of my immediate family was lost in the genocide. I have friends who lost great uncles and aunts. The person I hope to marry recently visited a cousin in France whose parents reunited after escaping concentration camps. The cousin should have had a sibling. He doesn't anymore.

I posted because I was angry that this person compared anything about my stances to the Nazis. 

I should have had a cup of coffee, walked around, and kibbutzed about it with my friends. I will not take down the post because I believe it is important, but I will admit - me posting it the way I did was a mistake.

There is some good that came out of this morning - I saw the greatness of humanity in the Magic Community. The masses came out and sent notes of empathy and support, of criticism, and with stories of their own. 

When I see people upset about the community it is because there are awful people. The great people don't get recognized enough.

Thank you to everyone who listened. 
Thank you to everyone who sent notes my way.
Thank you to everyone who made me think about my actions.

Thank you.


david s said...

WOW lay it on a little more thick... kibbutzed???? Really???? i read all of your blog and all of your tweets... NOT ONCE before did use any yiddish words, now all of the sudden youre jew to the max... what a fucking joke. You are playing the victim to a tee. Heres the truth... Jackie Lee harrassed me and you jumped on the band wagon, having never met me or engaged me in conversation. You insulted me cause i wasnt going to let Jackie attack me for having an opinion. You are the worst kind of person and i dont care how many people i offend. My opinion is mine and i will do with it what i want, especially in private msgs.

Alexander Ullman said...

I'm really sorry you're this angry at me and what you perceive I represent.
I'm sorry if I did insult you in the course of the debate.
I hope the rest of your life is happy and healthy.

david s said...

Dude.. fuck you.

you dont represent anything to me.

I dont like you for you, and you alone.

you are a cowardly attention whore that insulted me.

There is no race or representation issues at all... i dislike you for your actions and the way you jumped on me and harrassed me for my opinion.

no matter how hard you try, you wont make this about being jewish or some other thing. this is all about the fact that you attacked me cause jackie lee said you should.

david s said...

FYI.... after all the Jewing up of this debate you did, heres a fact for you.... im a jew... you fucking dumb cunt.

david s said...

nerdtothecore @JackieL33 I appreciate you trying to engage intelligently. I grew up with a mom marathoner & sister star athlete. This guy makes me ill.

this is why your a piece of shit.
i didnt do anything to deserve that. you are the one that has no right to be angry. you started this and i finished it... plain and simple.