Monday, February 18, 2008


Twice today I've come across people mentioned the "quarter life crisis."
Please shut-up. This isn't a crisis, it's called growing up. And yeah, sorry to say, it sucks. It's hard because it's supposed to be. If everyone could grow up totally normal and free and easy, do you think therapists would make the money they do? I mean, I've had to take long hard looks at my life and realize that this is not where I thought I would be at 24. Hell, I didn't have a plan for after college. For the longest time my life goal was to go to college and graduate.

I did that.

Oh spit, now what?

This is life, and we're supposed to live it. It's a gift; cherish it. I know a lot of times I've complained about the way my life is going ::cough::lastpost::cough:: but all in all, my life is not that bad. Yes, I'm in a rough patch, but that's because I'm growing up.
I've been in a transition period for two years. I came into graduate school knowing I wasn't going to be staying here and therefore never got settled. Now in a few short months I am going to be uprooting again and going into the work force for my first job. Am I scared? Hell yes. It's part of the reason I still am hung up on my ex- it's not her as much as when she represents. Jess represents a stable time in my life- the last two years of college. I had friends, a girl friend, a job, a support network and a goal. Now, I still have the friends and goal, but my support network has drastically altered and I spend my evenings reciting Law and Order episodes, pining for Mets games and wondering if people read this thing.
So please, stop talking about the quarter life crisis- it's a load of crap. You only grow up if you want to. That explains why I'm still acting like some kid. Damn straight I am.

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Lacey Bean said...

Hey thanks for the comment... and I remember the counselor basketball games being intense between Eddie I and SLC. My cousin is working at SLC this summer... the traitor. :)