Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What you shouldn't do at the bar

Saturday night I head out with Eric, his roommate and one of their law school friends. We are all in need of a detox style night where we just relax. Relax we did, as Eric an I spent a good portion of the time being immature and making jokes about Oregon State. We have nothing against the school, but being stressed out graduate students, we decided to make dumb jokes centered around the school's mascot and basketball. I won the evening with "That Beaver's fouled out."
Did I mention we are both exhausted students?
So the fourth member of our party strikes up conversation with two women next to us at the bar. After brief conversation, one starts dancing on me. No offense to her, but she wasn't my type. However, I dance back a little, and then Eric whispers something implying a past experience of mine and this woman. I promptly have an attack of the laughs and fall down, seating myself on the foot rest bar and laughing while this random woman stares at me. By the time I make it back to my feet, she asks me, very plainly "You're not a virgin, are you?"
I thought once I left college, that question would stop. Apparently I was wrong. It was if she felt that she was so "hot," that her mere presence was making me uncomfortable. That wasn't the case- I just didn't want to dance with you. Sorry.
However, I thought the fourth member of our party was taken, so I took her hand on my rear as some drunk flirting. Guess who was wrong. I'm not saying it was anything other than being drunk, but sometimes, it's nice to dream.

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