Sunday, February 17, 2008

Here's the score

So October 2006, during an already rough patch in my life, I get dumped over the phone. Sucks, I know. We continue to be friends, no matter how bad that always seems to work out in the movies and television. She ends up starting to see one of our mutual friends (who was pissed at me for a variety of reasons, and so we weren't speaking). After they start dating, he agrees to bury the hatchet.
Fast forward a year- I still am looking for a nice girl and haven't been speaking to either of them as much. Life is going okay and I finally do meet a woman, who I end up dumping two months later because she reminded me of me in a bad way.
Fast forward to this week, Eric and I decide to road trip to Binghamton for the Foo Fighters/Against Me! concert. There's another motive here for me, since I am thinking about applying for a job at Bing and a visit could give me an edge. Eric calls our friend who is coordinating while I speak to David, my mentor. As it turns out, Pat, our friend, is road tripping up. In tow will be the ex and our friend/person she may or may not be still dating.
I'm still going, but I'm wondering why life decided to take my vacation and add a side of ajida.

EDIT: Let it be known that these are my feelings on the matter, not necessarily the truth.

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