Sunday, April 13, 2008

Ban the tube top!

This weekend has been rough. The Mets can't win, and I'm facing the vast void of uncertainty that is the rest of my life.
Also, I'm trying to figure out in which direction I should take this blog.
Because I want to be professional, but still opine on the world. For example, I recently went to an event for Jewish students at my school. It was nice and I had a nice time. Except some young women need to learn how to be appropriate. For example, one young woman sitting behind me obviously forgot a belt and did not seem to care that everyone at our table had an excellent view of the "underwear" she was wearing. I mean, is it so hard to ensure that we don't all see what it would look like if your were a plumber in a bad skin flick?
Also, shame goes out to the woman with the thick thighs who decided it would be a good idea to not cross her legs while wearing a short skirt. Now I'm all for a wide variety of body types, but please, be decent. If her legs were skinnier, then some people would have had an interesting show.
Making this all the worse, this was a Shabbat dinner. Not the holiest of days, but still a religious observance. Please, have some class women. Not only that, treat yourself with respect! You are wonderful creations on this Earth, don't demean yourself and your gender with acting like you would at a club during the course of a regular day.
And men, please stop encouraging this behavior. Sex and sexuality is a beautiful thing that should be expressed in certain environs; religious gatherings is not of of these places.

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