Friday, September 12, 2008

This time next year we'll be right there

It's been a September to remember. I now have a job and I've moved to a new place. I'm employed and have been working nonstop. And I love every minute this new phase.
Sure, I'm tired, and sure, I don't get to watch as many episodes of Law & Order as I am used to watching, but work is some how fulfilling. Of course, that could change any instant. But I don't think that will happen.
Now that I'm settled down, I need to get out again. I put my social life on hold to finish my Master's and find a job. The second half took a little longer than expect, but now that I'm employed I no longer have to use the pick up line "I live with my parents and sleep in a loft bed." Nope- now I have a mattress on the floor!
Music has been just awesome. The Sidekicks, The Ergs, Chinese Telephones, The Gaslight Anthem, and so many others have been the sound track for my trips across the Northeast in search for week and have been filling my new apartment with dulcet tones and driving rhythms for almost two weeks now.
The Mets are doing well, and I hope they continue on that path.
The website I write for will be coming back up soon, so that means more Magic for this nerd.
Now all I need to do is raid an Ikea so I have some furnishings in this new place. I mean, wright now i have a desk and some chairs- not exactly the illest of digs.

Yeah, who am I kidding- I love this place.

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