Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Backstreet Boys =/= Baseball

Okay, seriously, I don't care that they are from Tampa Bay. The Backstreet Boys are just not baseball. They are not hard-nosed, running out double play, home run hitting musicians. They should be no where near the world series. They should be closer to a drainage pipe outside a leper colony.
Also, seriously, what the hell is up with Kevin Kennedy on the Fox coverage? The first thing he mentions before game one is how the Phillies beat out the Mets. Hey, Kevin, genius, the Mets did not even make the playoffs. You totally neglected to mention how they beat the Brewers and the Dodgers, two actual playoff teams, on their way to the World Series. Nice going jackass, twist the knife deeper. Shave your mustache.
For what it's worth, let's go Rays. I hate the Phillies, and I hope they fail miserably.
Why did it take me this long to find out about Last.FM? I really love this site and it has become part of my regular musical rotation at my desk. I am sure all the students really love walking into my office and hearing Polar Bear Club blaring, if they're lucky. I know I have a distinct taste in music but I enjoy being able to listen to music while I work. Heck, I love having a car because it means that when I drive people places, I get to impose my musical will upon them.
Anyway, I love this shit. I can just tool around all day rocking out. It also makes suggestions for things I might like, which is cool- I'm always looking to learn about more music. However, I am wary since they've also recommended that I order cheese on my hookers.
That must be a bug.
back to the point- how the hell do you approach a touchy subject, like free speech? I never want to take away the rights of people to express their view point (I keep a blog for fuffs sake), but I am dealing with people who are not really expressing anything. They just restate information without reporting, and seem to have no regard for grammar and spelling. I am a bit of an ass about this, since I write often, was an English major, and spent time as an editor. Yes, I'm one of those douches who actually goes around looking for mistakes. Yet, when you publish something and out it out there, you don't want to spell committee comity (even though comity is a word).
Yes, I do work at a institution of higher learning.

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