Friday, October 24, 2008

Shards of Alex

This was supposed to be an entry about my experience in the Shards of Alara release events on Magic Online. I cashed out from Traders, bought my cards and settled in to play. I won round one on the back of a strong Exalted chain, and was getting ready for round two when I got a bleep on my phone from security, asking me about this evening's event. We work it out.
Round two starts and I lose game one. Game two, I get bleeped and they need me there. I scoop, drop, and get dressed, only to get bleeped that I am no longer needed. Of course.
Don't get me wrong, I love my job, but the one time I invest in something, this happens.
Oh well, can't complain more than I have. I really do love it here, but have no one to complain to, so I'm complaining here!
Instead I dropped some of my Traders earnings on some common playsets and have been building new decks all night. This Standard is a ton more fun than the previous one.
But now for stuff for the people who have no idea about my sick twisted hobbies...
I never really understood why my friends come to me for relationship advice. I mean, I don't have the best track record in that field, but people confide in me and apparently I am quite sage in this area. Who knew? In the past two months, three separate people have come to me for advice and I have been helpful.
So is totally awesome. As one student astutely noticed, I am addicted to music, and this website totally feeds my addiction. Now I can listen to just about anything I want to at work. Awesome.
This + punkradiocast + pandora = good times!
So, I'm in here for the rest of the night, and hopefully nothing will happen.

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