Monday, November 10, 2008

Life, or something similar

Okay, so I haven't posted anything substantial in a while. Sue me.
I broke down and signed up for a month of jDate to see if that could cure my little cash flow problem. Turns out it might, but it's not worth the money I've invested. Instead, I'm doing work on finding a scene up here. A scene where there's rock & roll.
I mean, what happened to the roll? Sometime around 1980 it just became rock and the rhythm was taken out of the equation. I saw Royal City Riot the other day and was like "Holy Shit, a rock and roll band!" Yeah, they're ska but they have the rhythm.
I don't know, maybe I'm on a Johnny cash kick, but I am growing my music taste slowly. First stops include rock & roll and awesome folk.
I mean, how much of the stuff on the radio can you actually dance to? I'm guessing not so much. And isn't that what music is supposed to be about? I mean, not dancing necessarily, but fun. There's no fun in hard rock radio, just misplaced power chords. Not everything I rock out to is happy and peppy, but it sure is fun. Everyone feels something and then, in the utter undulation of punk, lets it all out as one huge cathartic moment. At the same show when I saw Royal City Riot, my friend Phil played with his band The Homecoming Queens. There I was, 24 years old, dancing in the pit like I was 17 again. It was awesome. I felt vibrant and energetic.
I was having fun.
So here it goes, I will hereby listen to any music that has rhythm and makes life fun. For what it's worth, I probably won't be listening to the radio anytime soon because it still blows (except for awesome independent and college stations).
So here's to punk ,to ska, to rock and roll, to fun!

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