Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trading Dreams

Last night was the first show we put on here that was done with the help of the new student music programming group (better name forthcoming). It was awesome and a mini reunion for me since one member of each band- The Andrea Doria ( and The Homecoming Queens ( are old roommates of mine from college. It was an awesome time and we had a huge turnout for our "kick off" event. I was a little upset that there were numerous other events happening at the same time (including one or two that were scheduled after we had planned on this) but we'll just do better next time.
The students were great. For the first event that they had worked on, they did a wonderful job and seem genuinely excited with the prospect of doing this over and over again.
I was talking with Matt, bass player from the Doria, last night. he's a cool guy and we come from different backgrounds. We talked about life and he talked about the rough part about being in the band. And here I am thinking, this guy is living my dream. At the same time though, I know I am not willing to do what these guys are dong: touring constantly, living on floors, going into debt. Yeah, I say I want be a rockstar, but in reality, I just want to live my life comfortably.
Guess I'm a bit of a poser.

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