Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Come dance with me or I'll explode

Well, my Thanksgiving break was pretty awesome (Aside from the leak in my apartment from the person living above me). I got to see my family and catch up with some old friends at the SLC Alumni party.
The party was great- lots of drinking occurred (or at least I think it did, considering the hit my wallet took). It's always weird to go back and hang out with people who remember you as a kid. I mean, I'm always having to shed the aura I had as the awkward kid. Now, I'm just the awkwardly cool adult...with a beard! That counts for something, right?
Back then I didn't own being a nerd-being different. When you're a kid in a summer camp being different is a death sentence. I was short, a late bloomer, and really an all around mess- the quintessential nerd. Of course, now I own that shit. Hell yeah Optimus Prime would take down Mario in a battle royal, everyone knows that.
I was exposed to just how uncomfortable people get around proud nerds at dinner with some other friends that same Saturday. We were talking about books and World War Z/Max Brooks came up. If you haven't read the work of Brooks (Mel's son) I highly suggest that you do- they are fucking phenomenal. Anyway, the conversation turns the the Zombie Survival Guide and the proper way to evade zombies. There I am, talking with one other person in a completely serious tone about the proper techniques for evading zombie death and how it has influence my workout regimen (more cardio!) and there were more than a few perplexed stares. Fuck it I was owning my nerdness and it felt great.
Nerds plus whiskey = bad times however, and at the alumni party I was reminded how it felt as a kid. In other words, I got shot down more time than Dick Cheney's hunting partner. And then I get home and sign into the jDate experiment only to find I am being ignored.
I fail to see why internet dating should give people the right to be bigger assholes than they would be in real life. At least in a bar if I try to mack it with someone and they turn me down, they at least tell me "No." On the internet, I am just ignored- not even a downcast stare. I'm sorry, I didn't realize you were hot shit over there on your side of the internet dating. At least have the decency to say "sorry, I'm not interested." It's common courtesy people. No wonder your using this site.
Yeah, I know, I am too- but not after my subscription runs out.
My friend has been deluging me lately with worries about this guy she met, saying he hasn't gotten in touch with her. Same woman told me to not get in touch with women I may be interested in because I want to appear disinterested. She can't follow her own advice she gave me. Then again, who can follow their own advice- it can't be done.
Okay, I'm done for now.

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