Thursday, November 5, 2009

Seattle's keeping me in tune, part 6

So round 5, I am paired against Mike Turian.
A Hall of Famer.
Running Dredge/Reanimator.
In other words, I have no chance, so I just try and have a good time.
I have a blast, with some witty banter and I manage to resolve Armageddon.
Some quotes from during the match:
As Mike casts Entomb, Lee goes: "There's a reason we banned that card."
After the match and shaking hands with Turian, he tells me "I heard you were the draft champion, so I had to take you down."

That's pretty darn cool.
Later dudes,

1 comment:

Mike Turian said...

The onslaught of Pro. Black creatures had me a little worried, but you are right that it is a rough match up for you. Good luck tomorrow!