Thursday, November 5, 2009

Seattle's keeping me in tune, part 7

Round 6 on the day has me up against Erik Lauer/Matt Tabak with UG Good Stuff. Game one I get trounced after keeping a bad hand and never recover from multiple Acidic Slimes on my only land.
Game two I get the sick curve and there is nothing he can do, even with two Ravenous Baloths in play.
Game three I make a critical mistaker, thinking my 4/4 Figure had flying. It did not. The game drags out and I have my self on Horoki lock down, but I manage to get both Emeria active and a Shadow creature which, with the help of a topdecked Bonesplitter, goes all the way.
5-1 on the day. I can't complain.
Later dudes,

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