Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Anger Management

I can be a very angry person.
I have a lot of time and quite a bit of energy over the years in trying to understand why I get angry and upset, why sometimes the littlest things can set me off.
When I was younger, I was just angry all the time. Maybe it was because I was teased and bullied (nothing like the bullying that makes the news today), maybe it was because I was really bad at Using Words to convey how I was actually feeling. Time, energy, and work has made this less of an issue.
Yet sometimes, it still comes out.
It is a monster. It is competitive and surly. It yells and deflects and cries "this is not fair." Worst of all, it hurts people.
I may never fully understand what it is that sets me off and turns me, for all intents and purposes, into a petulant child. What I can do is learn how to channel the energy off, release it out.
So that is something to work on.

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