Sunday, June 9, 2013

Brooklyn Sunshine

I've lived in Brooklyn for most of my life. Aside from a break for college, grad school, and my first job, Brooklyn has been my home. Thanks to my life away, I no longer take the ease of access New York City provides for granted. I relish in walking and coffee around the corner. I am thrilled that I do not need my car every time I want to do something but rather it is a means to a getaway. Before, it was a means to groceries.
Today I got breakfast with a good friend who just moved to Brooklyn. Afterwards, I was pointing out the places to go (and to avoid) in my neighborhood. She stopped and said:

"It's so nice to see tree lined blocks."

As I looked and saw the yellow light bouncing off the underside of the green leaves that shaded the brownstone buildings, I couldn't help but smile and agree silently.

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