Friday, January 25, 2008

Comps are over, now what?

So today I took comps, short for comprehensive exam, which is basically the test I need to take and pass in order get my Masters degree. Next up is the job search and finishing up my semester.
I just want to relax. Like, after the exam, a bunch of us went to a bar, and I had a beer and a shot, and that was it, because I knew I was driving home and wanted to leave ample time to sober up (whcih I did). In actuality, I wanted to celebrate- hell, I want to be celebrating right now. The thing is I drive every where, and will under no circumstances drive drunk.
Except I also put forward this teetotaler facade. I guess since my relationship ended last October, I have rejected the drunk life style I used to emulate. Sometimes though, it still comes out; it's not like I'm an alcoholic, just sometimes, I want to relax and have a drink or two or five. Perhaps this is my reaction to my ex, who drank quite a bit more than I ever could.
Who the hell knows.

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