Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Remember when...

Remember when you could listen to music and just enjoy it? What happened to those days? Now, whenever you like a band, it's either "too serious" or "too immature" or "too loud" or "too something." I still listen to the music that makes me happy- isn't that reason enough to listen to it?
Take for example this band Teenage Bottlerocket- straight up four chord pop-punk. No depth, no deeper meaning, just fun. It's the kind of music I could drink a beer to and then chill with the band after. And isn't that what enjoying music is all about- having a good time?
Side note: what ever happened to the Centurions? I think it is time for this crappy cartoon to make a comeback as a major motion picture, complete with over the top CGI- for no reason!!! I mean, it would be so awesome to have some halfway decent actors to fight someone like Robert DeNiro as Doc Terror. Who even cares about the plot, I just want Power Extreme dammit.

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