Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Starting things off on the right foot

There is something I don't like about social networking websites, specifically, under the music section. It seems a lot of people have decided that in regards to music, they "like it all." What follows is invariably a list of "pop" artists, music that may have at one point been underground and genre'd, but now is little more than top 40 fodder. So next to all, there's always a list of pop-rap, and pop-rock, pop-ska, pop-pop. Invariably, however, there is an exhaustive list of country music. I'm sorry, but when did pop and country become the end all and be all of music? I mean, when you say "all music," I expect to see a little variety. Instead, I tend to see the same list, over and over. Occasionally, I'll see an artist I respect or even like in one of this "all" lists. I sigh a little, thinking that at least some of the time, this individual is listening to good music.
This brings me to a point I am sure I'll revisit numerous times. I listen to punk (and lots of other stuff), which always leaves me a little out of the loop when it comes to music at parties- not too many people are blasting A Wilhelm Scream at their latest shin-dig. I was at a party not too long ago and I was talking to this woman. The topic turned to music, at which point I told her that I liked punk- it was just easier than explaining the different genres I listen to. To my surprise, she said she liked punk too, and asked me what bands I liked. I gave the "safe" answers of Bad Religion, Pennywise, the Bouncing Souls (safe because if I let slip that I have a true love of ska and ska-punk, there would be a strong chance of laughter in my future). I reciprocate the question, and hear the following response:
"Well, the All-American Rejects," at which point my mind shut down.
Elitist? Yes. But really, why is it so hard to find someone who shares your taste in music, and who you'd enjoy hanging out with on a regular basis. I have my old friends, but by virtue of location, don't really get the chance to hang with them that much.
Oh well, what the hell.

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