Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Body movin'

It's amazing, the human body.
I am not a coffee drinker by any stretch of the means. Sure, in grad school I had four or five cups a week, but overall, I Probably average two cups of the stuff a month, including coffee style drinks. This, in turn leads e to be incredibly sensitive to the stuff. I had a coffee drink at 2:30pm on Sunday, and it was keeping me awake at 11:00pm that night. I did not sleep well, skipped the gym, and had a hard time staying awake at the later hours of work yesterday.
I crashed, woke up, went to the gym.
I feel great.
So much can be done to improve your health with body regulation. Just by changing my diet to include better food and conforming to a body rhythm, I am more energized and just generally feel better.
That being said, I am upset with myself for taking so long to catch on to Hot Water Music. Seriously, just listen to this song.
Later dudes,

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