Monday, August 24, 2009

It begins anew

Orientation training week is here. This means I get to work a ton. I love my job.
I say that a lot, but I do love what I do. There is very little as good as waking up in the morning and not dreading the next eight (or twelve) hours of the day. I spoke to an ex briefly today, and when she was talking about her job, I did a silent victory dance- my life at work is great...her job sounds dreadful. So win.
My current string of dates have been interesting. I had two dates with one woman, but sadly, the second did not leave me desperately looking for a third, yet. She's a sweet woman and great and all, but I just did not feel a click, a spark, whatever it is that makes people want to be together.
Another first date...well, that was a train wreck. I did not have any real desire to see her, but wanted to give it a try, just in case something serendipitous happened. It did not. We basically had a "who's camp is better contest?" There was no way I was going to lose to a camp that did not celebrate 4th of July (yes, it is a camp in America).
My friend got engaged, so this is prompting an evaluation of where I am in my life. Things are good, but I'm still searching for that next step.
But whatever, I'm young. I have a doctorate to get. I have an apartment to furnish. And not only that, I am just exhausted, so I'm going to turn in soon.
Before I do, LaGrecia's "On Parallels" might be the best album I have heard in a long time. I cannot get enough. There is such depth and emotion to every nook and cranny in that record that just amazes me on every listen. If you like good music and aggressive, passionate vocals, this is a record for you.
Later dudes,

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