Monday, August 3, 2009

Don't cry

I love my Mets, I really do. I hate the way some outlets are covering them. But first things first.
Ever since Beltran struck out looking, the Mets have lacked an identity that they can latch on to. They were choke artists, underachievers, but never anything positive. This year, they are being called undermanned and stricken by injuries...but they have never had anything positive to get behind. Now, they're the underdog, but it does not suit them well since they can't really get a winning streak together and sustain the so called underdog magic. I get it, they're banged up but still.
That leads me into my next point: people have called the bench into question constantly. This is bullshit, as the Mets are fielding their bench currently. Tatis and Pagan and Cora would be great bench players, but they've been thrust into a starting role. If these guys were our bench, it'd be pretty darn solid. Alas, not to be this year. Next year guys, next year.
I was playing Chuck Ragan for my friends the other day, and it got us talking about folk punk. I mean, I'm just sick of trying to classify everything I listen to musically. I like general categories, as they can be helpful, but my definition of punk could be drastically different. Example: I told a girl at a party I liked punk. I meant Bouncing Souls and The Lawrence Arms- she meant Good Charlotte.
Anyway, what makes folk punk? Acoustic guitars? Folk structure? I'm not sure, I just know that this was one of the few times I was able to talk about some music with this friend, and we came to the same conclusion: folk rock is good, indie sucks.
Later dudes,

"Don't cry if you've never seen the rain
A thousand ways we've come undone are never quite the same"
Chuck Ragan- Don't Cry

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