Thursday, March 27, 2008

Cause my friends are f**in' awesome...

Here's a secret about nerds:
Get two of us together, and we will have the best conversations ever. Alone, nerds just are mildly awkward fountains of useless information and Star Wars trivia. In groups of two or more, however, is where the nerd really shines. Here, profound literary references go hand in hand with citing the Legend of Zelda. Big words fly out of mouths following rediculous statements aboutt he sexual prowess of Optimus Prime. It is all at once eloquent and disturbing, like a swan crashing into a speeding truck. I urge those of you who have yet to witness such a conversation to find two nerds and have them talk, you will be pleasantly surprised (and possibly mortified).

Bonus Section: Sample conversation starters
Who would win in a fight: The Trix Rabbit or Lion-O from the Thundercats?
Admiral Ackbar: greatest sea creature of all time?
Web comics- that's all you have to say.
Zombies vs. Ninjas vs. Pirates: Who wins this battle royale?
Jason Statham: Is he awesome or what?

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