Sunday, March 9, 2008

Goodbye to Boston, part 3

The interviews are over, and I am relieved. They were fun, informative, and basically what I expected. One went well, one did not.
The one that did not go well didn't go poorly. Rather, it was just a bad fit. It was a nice interview, but the philosophy of the institution and my own did not meet. I hope this school finds a candidate that will work in their motif, and wish them nothing but the best.
The other interview went very well. Not in the actual Placement location, I was able to relax. The woman interviewing me was kind and we seemed to really hit it off. We are currently trying to set up a secondary interview with her school's director of student life. So to me, that is a very very good thing.

PS, I'm still tired, even though I have a ton of sugar and caffeine coursing through my system.

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