Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Goodbye to Boston, part 7

I'm sitting in the hotel lobby, all checked out (or so I think). This trip has been awesome and great fun (but now I'm ready to sleep for days). A couple of thoughts before I go, even though I'll probably summarize everything this evening.
Last night I decided to walk the streets looking for a place to eat. I decided on a Pizzeria Uno. The food was great, but I witnessed a group of youth pull the old "dine & dash." Seriously though, the way this place was set up (narrow walkways instead of the larger dining areas I was used to in such restaurants), it is no surprise that some people would try and pull that off.
It is really scary to think that in under two months, I will be starting all over, probably in a new state far away from everything I've become familiar with. I was talking with Trish about this last night; it's nice to know I'm not the only nervous one.
It's also weird, I keep telling people I want to be near an urban environment. Few people have figured out that this is code for "I want to be by Jews." Granted, I tend to be private in that sort of thing. But even so, use your head peoples.

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