Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Goodbye to Boston, part 8 and wrap up

I'm back in Buffalo. The trip is over and was largely a success. I saw the person who interviewed me for the school in Colorado this morning, who told me that I should be hearing from someone in their office soon. Good sign.
Conferences are both validating and motivating. I know I picked the proper line of work and that makes me feel good. But then I see the physiques on some people, and I get extremely motivated to continue working out. Validating and motivating; good things.
So now it's time for my ultimate Boston road trip play list. These are the songs that I feel really captured the feel of my trip in sum. These are songs I like, and therefore, do not apply to you.

Dropkick Murphy's: "I'm Shipping up to Boston", "Skinhead on the MBTA", "Boys on the Docks"
Three great songs that describe the trip to the city, getting around town, and the view of the Bay I had from the conference center. These songs represent some of the best aspects of the Murph's: aggressive rhythms and vocals, sing-along anthems, and catchy folk based tunes.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones: "A Jackknife to a Swan", "They Came to Boston"
What can I say about the Bosstones except that they totally kick ass. "Jackknife" is a great song about the working class of Boston and the lives the people live. Just a great heartfelt tribute song. "They Came" really describes how I felt as a tourist. Yeah, I belong in a city, but is Boston really a place for me? Great mellow beat that leads into an aggressive and subtle outro.

Big D and the Kids Table: "LAX", "I'm Yours Boston"
LAX goes without question. If you need to know why this is on the play list, you are reading the wrong blog.
"I'm Yours" is a whiny melodic tribute. This could have easily been the cover of "New England," but I felt that this song captures the feel of the city and the conference much better. Also, better driving song- this is a road trip after all.

The Flatliners: "This Respirator"
Just a flat out awesome song about life on the road. Short and punchy with a great hook and kick-ass lyrics, this song fits well on nearly every road trip.

The Fad: "Bright Lights"
A typical tour song, but with such emotion that I had to include it here. Hardcore punk mixed with tight ska jams and punchy vocals makes for an excellent anthem for the road.

The Gaslight Anthem: "Drive"
We all know I love this band, but seriously, this song is awesome. Another East Coast anthem about life on the road. Another must for any good road trip.

The Bouncing Souls: "East Coast, Fuck You"
It mentions Boston by name. It's by the Souls. It gets the check.

Smoke or Fire: "Goodbye to Boston"
Good enough to be the title for this opus of posts, there is something about this song that makes you want to sing it from the top of your lungs. I can think of no better song to be playing as I drive out of the city. I had to settle for playing it on my iPod. Good enough.

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