Saturday, March 29, 2008

Welcome to the New South, Part 2

Well, I'm feeling better. Good thing. I was on time for my interview. Good thing. The suit looked good and I was ready to go. All good things.
Except a miscommunication meant that I missed my interview. Bad thing. It is rescheduled for tomorrow morning. Good thing.
After the interesting goings on of this morning, I went tourist with Heather. We walked around downtown Atlanta and hit up the Coke factory. It was pretty cool, and everyone has to try Beverly soda if they get a chance. I have to say that playing tourist was a nice change of pace. Side note: the pastrami on rye I had was great; very peppery. They only had yellow mustard though- big time party foul.
So here I am attempting to relax before my next interview (which is in just under two hours). And then maybe the gym...who knows.

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