Saturday, March 1, 2008

Kids of the Blackhole

This week has been long, but not in a bad way. We interviewed candidates for next year's program and they were all wonderful. I do no envy those who have to make the decisions about who gets in.
I've also come into possession of two Copyrights album (including Learn the Hard Way) bringing my count to all four of their albums. It boggles my mind how a band can put out four stellar albums in five years and yet some bands never put out one album that is as strong as any one of the Copyrights' offerings.
Again, this is what music should be: fun and real. These are songs that could easily have happened to me or people I know. These are emotions I experience on a daily basis set to a beat that makes me forget all the bad stuff.
Anyway, I guess a mini-review of Learn the Hard Way is in order.
This album is amazing- under 30 minutes but you'd never guess, because if you're like me you're playing it two times at least, on loop.
The first track, "Second Hearse, Same as the First" is everything pop-punk should be: catchy melodies, driving beat, and great lyrics that you can scream at the top of you lungs. Hell, every song on this album fits that description, but they do not get repetitive or tiresome. Instead, every song has its own personality and face while still being eminently catchy and smile inducing.
My favorite track off of the album right now is "Out of Ideas," a veritable ode to the unmotivated. On days like today, it is the anthem you need to know that sometimes it's okay to do nothing and just "roll with the punch drunk love song."

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