Saturday, July 4, 2009

And what if I get lost?

Welcome to post number 200! Are you as excited as I am? I'm very excited I need to change my shorts.
So last night was a whirlwind evening. It started with a drive down to Brooklyn to make camp at my parent's place. Whenever I have to spend some seriously time in Brooklyn, I make camp in the guest room/sister's closet/sister's old room for the duration. Since I had a date yesterday and one today in the Kings County, I decided to pack a bag for the weekend and move home for thirty six hours.
Oh yes, the date. Well, it was not the worst date I have ever had, but far from the best. When the subject of marriage comes up, on her end, well, it was not a good sign. She asked what I wanted out of relationship and I was honest, said looking for something serious that may develop, but not looking for that terminal relationship right now.
She, on the other hand, wants her next relationship to end in marriage.
She also came across as highly competitive and is a perfectionist. My problem with that is that it goes against my ethos of learning from mistakes.
Well, it ended, and I am not certain if I'm going to call her again.
Regardless, last night the Andrea Doria played in Manhattan and were awesome. I feel bad for these guys, as they have some serious ability and stage presence and are awesome guys, and it sucks that they played to three people, including myself. But seriously, check them out: . They are doing a cross country tour and are good their merch.
Okay, that's all for now. I have another date lined up for a little bit and I need to get ready.
Happy 4th, later dudes

"I know you want a lover for the rest of your life
But man, this woman her intentions ain't right"
Big D and the Kids Table- The One

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