Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Crappy movies for the win

So as I write this, I'm sitting in bed catching the end of the first Transporter movie. Since my DVD player went kaput, I haven't indulged my love of all things Jason Statham in quite some time, and watching it on tv is quite nice. Statham just kicks ass in this move, and there is no second guessing him. I mean, he uses his legs to throw a guy out of a moving truck, while he's hanging off the roof. Total kick ass.
Work has been good recently. I have spent a significant amount of time cleaning my office and making my workspace more conducive to the work I want to be doing. This is a big plus, as the year is about to kick into gear and I want to have some good flow.
So, nerds and girls. the ultimate dilemma. Right now I'm dealing with two very different nerd-female relations issues.
First, is the former crush. This is when the nerd still talks to someone he/she had a crush on, normally because of stuff going on in the ex-crushes life. You see, the nerd usually has little to complain about (well, little of consequence to complain about anyway) and so when the ex-crush (or ex-partner, or whatever) lays on the sob story, the nerd can't help by listen, no matter what the feelings may be.
Now, this is done for two reasons. Sometimes, the nerd just genuinely feels bad, but most of the time, it's for schadenfreude. The nerd takes sick joy in seeing those who scorned him/her (real or imagined) have issues with aspects of life. This was the case whenever I would speak to my ex. Her life seemed to be stagnating, whereas mine was going up. This made me smile, as dick as that may be.
The other nerd to female relations issue I am dealing with currently is trying to analyze my situation. As I have written, I've been single (without a serious girlfriend) for nearly three years. After recently having a string of unsuccessful (read: no second) dates and getting stood up, I've done what every nerd does: analyze the situation. I have been trying to figure out what I am doing wrong so I can correct the "mistake" and just move forward in social life issues. Fact is, there's a good chance I am doing nothing wrong and I just need to be patient. Of course, this is logical, and nerds are only logical when it comes to things that do not matter, like why Optimus Prime could kick He-Man's ass.
1) Laser sword
2) Matrix of Leadership
3) Optimus isn't wearing a banana hammock

See what I mean?
Later dudes,

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